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IDS is a full service direct mail and fulfillment company, providing a wide variety of direct mail marketing solutions. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We put our client's needs before all else and make ourselves available 24/7.

  1. Lettershop and Variable Imaging Services
    Whether it's laser or inkjet, duplex or simplex, two pieces into a 6 x 9 envelope or 8 pieces into a 9 x 12 envelope, affixing credit cards or sample packets, we can get the job done. Even better, come to us with an idea and we'll figure out a way to do it. Why should your mail piece be limited to standard lettershop equipment? We engineer, build and customize our own equipment. We have 4.25-inch printheads and 1-inch printheads that we can stitch together in various formats to give you almost unlimited flexibilty of inkjet personalization.
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  2. Data Processing
    With rising postage rates, proper list management is an essential ingredient in any direct mail marketing program. We have all the tools necessary to make the most of your data.
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  3. List Services
    Great data means great results. Our knowledgeable staff will get you a targeted list that will maximize response rates.
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  4. Fulfillment
    We offer a variety of fulfillment services, including pick and pack, kit assembly, product and literature, inventory control, secured storage and more. We have over five thousand square feet of secured warehousing.
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  5. Postage Optimization
    Are you paying the lowest postage possible? How do you know? Postage is usually the single highest cost associated with a direct mail campaign. With rising postage rates, there are programs that you might not know about.
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  6. Print Production
    We can manage your DM program from start to finish. Graphic design, variable printing and purls are just a few of the things we can do for you.
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