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One of our clients, a social services organization in New England , relies upon our expertise to produce one of their most important renewal appeals. Built around the Thanksgiving holiday, this appeal is sent in a windowed #11 outer envelope with teaser copy. A standard 8.5 x 14 letter and reply device is printed and then cut, leaving an 8.5 x 10.75 letter and nested reply device in the envelope. The BRE is also enclosed.

For this client, a special insert is added - a Thanksgiving card which the organization asks its donors to complete and return with their gift. The cards are collected by the charity and distributed as part of a Thanksgiving food distribution event where families receive baskets of items including all the ingredients required to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at home. Each basket includes at least one of the cards returned by donors.

The response has been impressive - nearly 11% in recent years. The entire piece, including postage, production, creative and processing cost just over $12,000 and is sent to approximately 30,000 prospects. In response, the organization receives over 3,000 gifts totaling just over $150,000.

IDS can help you achieve similar results in your renewal efforts, or in fulfilling acquisition appeals aimed at acquiring new donors to your organization.